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Student Clubs & Committees

students during group discussion

Fort Street High School has a wide range of student lead clubs and committies that meet weekly throughout the year. Students can join any of these clubs or student interest groups at any point throughout the year. If you would like to find out further information about any of these interest groups or activities, the meeting times, and places for students to attend in person please see the contact person list below. 

Life at the Fort is about more than what goes on in the classroom. Before school, after school and at lunchtimes, students come together in student run clubs and teacher supervised activities.

Below is a full list of the current extra-curricular activities offered

 2023 Clubs and Committees (PDF 119.12 KB)

Below is a table of which activities are on each day in 2023. Please note this may change and students will be notified by the organising teacher.

Amnesty Committee

This group is for students who want to challenge injustice wherever it happens, and stand for equality, freedom and justice. The amnesty committee meets at lunchtime in K17 every Wednesday.

Contact: Ms Elizabeth Maddox
English Faculty
Cohen Staffroom

students during group discussion

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy club is open to all students from year 7 to 12 and runs in Winter evenings on the school oval. There are two 10 inch reflective telescopes that students operate to observe planets and moons in the solar system, nebula, star clusters and other astronomical objects. The astronomy club supports students who appreciate the beauty of the universe and want to investigate deeper into science, developing a deeper knowledge of astronomy. So far this group has observed the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn with students and parents and introduced themselves to astrophotography.

Contact: Mr Hasenbein
Head Teacher - Science
Rowe Staffroom



Image by the FSHS Astronomy Club


We offer chess as a recreational activity (during Recess and Lunch), as well as being part of the NSW Junior Chess League Secondary Schools Competition. The competition rounds are held on Friday afternoons during Term Two and involve travel to various schools in the district.  A staff member coordinates the practice sessions and the competition afternoons.

Contact: Mr James Wright
English Faculty
Cohen Staffroom

Diversity Committee

Diversity Committee works to create an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity of gender, sexuality, neurotype, and ability. Come to advocate for these and any other diversity issues you care about! Everyone is welcome.

Contact: Rose Dooley
Student Support Office W19A

Environment Committee

Students with a passion for the environment and leadership work cooperatively on projects to lower the school’s ecological footprint and improve general environmental outcomes. The committee primarily consists of Year 10 students but all interested individuals are welcome.

Contact: Ms Maddox
English Faculty
Cohen Staffroom

Philosophy Club

This is an additional course offered to all students and is held before school one morning a week of the school term for approximately one hour. Although the course follows a structured program of lessons, the content is delivered through a student-centred, enquiry-based approach which values participation and discussion.

Contact: Ms Kylie Salisbury
Careers Adviser
Library – Careers Office


For more than 20 years, Fort Street High School has supported a student led and mentored, voluntary Christian program called STIVE.

STIVE, abbreviated from “students alive” meets every Friday lunchtime in the school gymnasium and offers Christian focused learning and fellowship for all Fortians who wish to attend. A Pastor from Petersham Anglican Church attends regularly and delivers life applicable sermons as requested by students and answers any question they may have from a biblical perspective. It is Department of Education policy that all students who wish to attend voluntary student activities of a religious nature need to have parent permission.  This programme is senior student lead and delivered to the participating student body.

Students may participate upon receipt of parent consent form.

Contact: Mr Morrison
Deputy Principal