Fort Street High School

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House and Merit System

Merit System

The Fort Street High School merit system rewards students with profile points aligned to the school exit profile.

Profile Points will contribute toward Year Adviser Awards

Year Adviser Awards will contribute toward Principals Awards

Principal Awards will contribute toward a Fortian Award

To be awarded a Fortian Award, students must have receivedĀ profile points in all 5 exit profile areas.


House System

  • Each house will include approximately 30 students per year group
  • Students will be allocated to their house based on their Year 7 core class
  • House Captains (4 per house) to be elected from Year 10 and Year 11
  • House Captains will be responsible for organising participation in carnivals (Term 1 and Term 2)
  • House Captains will also be responsible for competitions in eg. public speaking, music, chess, debating, art, design photography in Terms 3 and 4. One competition should be held each term. House Captains will decide the nature of the competitions, in consultation with the Senior Executive. Competitions should offer scope for all students to participate, and to display a variety of skills/talents.
  • House meetings will be held once or twice per term, on rotation with Fortunae lessons and Assemblies

House Points

  • Houses will accrue points for carnivals, additionally:
  • all Profile Points received by students will contribute to their House tally
  • Term 3 and 4 competitions will be allocated points roughly equivalent to the carnivals
  • The House with the most points at the end of the school year will receive the Kennedy Cup, and awarded a priviledge (e.g. picnic day etc.)