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Fortians participate in planned physical activity in Years 7-10 timetabled PDHPE lessons as well as weekly sport which is mandatory for all students in Years 7-11.

Participation in sport provides many benefits in terms of physical fitness, health benefits, cognitive development, personal wellbeing, and social integration.

Sport at the Fort

Sport in Term 1, 2022 has been organised differently due to COVID restrictions but all inter-school sport offerings will be back from Term 2.

Year 7 have two periods of sport timetabled each week, in addition to their PDHPE classes. Students work through a program to build their general fitness and skills in a range of sports.

Year 8 partcipate in grade sport competing against other schools on Tuesday afternoons. 

Years 9-11 also particpate in sport on Tuesday afternoons, they have a choice between a wide range of grade sports, recreational sports and house sports.


Fort St CHS girls volleyball team

Grade Sport

Fort Street competes in the Northern Suburbs Sports Zone.

Summer grade sports include: basketball, cricket, touch football, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, softball and European handball.

Winter grade sports include: basketball, Oztag, netball, volleyball, soccer, futsal and European handball.


Recreational Sport

These are activities where the primary purpose is participation, with the realted goals of improved physical fitness, fun, and social involvement.

Recreational sports at Fort Street include tennis, ice skating, yoga, pilates, boxing, gym classes, futsal, basketball, ultimate frisbee, rock climbing and swimming.


House Sport

These sports are free to all students and take place mostly on school grounds including basketball, futsal and soccer.


Information about co-curricular sports can be found here.