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A Fort Street Reunion

With Fortians scattered across the globe, many reunions are held locally, nationally and internationally. We welcome Fortians back to The Fort and we would be delighted to support your reunion event, wherever it may be. 


Are you thinking of holding a reunion? Here is what Fort Street can do to help:

  • Organise a visit to the Museum and a tour of the School at Petersham for your group.

  • Advertise your reunion on our social media groups such as Lost Fort Street.

  • Put a notice in the School Newsletter – The Mercurius.

  • Be special guest at a school assembly.

  • Possible archival material to recall fond memories.

  • Give you contact details of past reunions groups.

Reunions are a fantastic opportunity for Fortians to reconnect with others from their year group and with the current school. If you would like to visit the school as part of your reunion activities or if have any reunion enquiries then please contact Mr Iain Wallace on 8585 1600 (Thursdays and/or Fridays) or at


Tips for Organising a Reunion

  • You can make the process as simple or as detailed as you wish, depending on how big an occasion you would like to make it. Here are tips to help make the process as smooth as possible.

  • Who are you going to get to help you? The number of people you need will depend on how big an event you want to organise.

  • Choose a date. Is it better early in the year or towards the middle? What influences the timing? Will anyone be coming from the country, interstate or overseas? How much notice will everyone need? Invite everyone you can possibly contact.

  • What type of event best suits your age group? Think about the time of day, venue and type of event. Does anyone in the group have a disability that will affect your plans?

  • Is this an event for partners, families, or just the Fortians?

  • How is everyone going to pay? Will you have a separate bank account? If so, do you need one or two signatories? Do not forget to calculate the cost of calls, printing, stationery, decorations, etc. Make sure you cover your costs. If there are any extra funds, they can always be donated to the school to commemorate the event. The Archives team have a list of suggested items.

Fort Street Alumni in the Ron Horan Museum
  • Choosing a venue. What does the ticket price include? Does anyone in the group have a contact or own a venue you could use? What is the menu like? Will it suit those with special dietary requirements? How many people are you expecting? Is the space big enough? What about noise? Is there enough seating? What drinks are included in the ticket price? Will the venue let you decorate the space?

  • Will it be at someone’s home? Do they have enough room – even if it rains? What about plates, cutlery, glasses, cups, chairs? Will a caterer need to be hired? Think about setting up and cleaning up as well.

  • Make nametags for the event using current surnames and maiden names if possible.

  • Get the word out. The more notice the better so people can organise their time. The wider your spread the better so you capture as many classmates as possible. 

  • Do you want to make a reunion booklet? Send out a questionnaire to collect data on those coming and on those unable to attend and put the info into a booklet with some old photos. Remember to send a copy of the booklet to the Fort Street Archives.

  • Do you want an official photographer or will you rely on everyone taking their own photos? Remember to take many photos and get everyone’s contact details so you can email them a photo or two. Remember to email a few photos and an article to the Fort Street Archives team.

  • Report to the school for the website and for the archives. The Fort Street community will love to read a short article and see a couple of photos of your event.

  • Organise it so you can relax on the day. You do not want to be spending the whole time running around taking care of business. Enjoy the time together.

If you would like to visit the school as part of your reunion activities or if have any reunion enquiries then please contact Mr Iain Wallace on 8585 1600 (Thursdays and/or Fridays) or at