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Faber est suae quisque fortunae

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Fort Street High School, the oldest government high school in Australia, is a progressive, academically selective co-educational high school with a long tradition of providing education for gifted and high potential students. The school is located on Gadigal and Wangal land in Petersham and has an enrolment of approximately 920 students.



Our school community is culturally and liguistically diverse with 73% of students from language backgrounds other than English.

At the Fort, students are prepared to excel and lead in a vast number of career paths and to become contributors to society with a highly developed social conscience. The school is known for developing leadership across an extensive range of areas and endeavours and prides itself in providing a wide range of extra-curricular programs in Sport, Science, Technology and Creative and Performing Arts which enhance the learning of our students. Over one third of all Fortians participate in the prestigious Instrumental Music Program; Fort Street also facilitates the largest Duke of Edinburgh program in all NSW state schools.

Established as the Fort Street Model School in 1849, the school's unique place in NSW epitomises and embraces academic excellence, a liberal tradition in educational philosophy, individuality, diversity and school traditions. Fort Street is proudly supported by a diverse and engaged parent community and alumni.

Since 1849, Fortians have been encouraged to be the makers of their own destiny, supported by our motto, Faber Est Suae Quisque Fortunae. This motto underpins the values and expectations of the school. The school exit profile articulates the vision  for student achievement. 

Successful Fortians:

  • achieve academic and creative excellence
  • develop skills and talents across a broad range of areas
  • become reflective and independent learners responsible for their own growth
  • develop emotional resilience, self-confidence and the ability to collaborate and communicate effectively
  • develop a commitment to fairness and equity, a recognition of their responsibility to the wider community and a strong sense of social justice.

The Fort Street community believes that every student and teacher should be challenged to learn and continually improve in a respectful, inclusive, engaging and high expectation environment.

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Core Expectations - the Fortian Code

1. Be your best

  • strive for excellence
  • be organised and actively engaged in learning at school
  • be a positive role model
  • respect the rights of your peers to learn

2. Be Respectful

  • encourage and support others
  • listen to others and let others learn
  • look after our equipment and facil;ities
  • represent the school with pride

3. Be responsible

  • be on time and well prepared
  • be respectful of each other's property and the environment
  • be responsible for our actions and model expected behaviour