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Enquiries are welcome from members of the Fort Street community and beyond. For this research service, a minimum donation to the Library Fund of $30 is requested. An additional amount may be requested if the enquiry requires substantial research or copying costs. Donations to the Library Fund are tax deductible.

Payments can be made at the front office or online.

Note: Under ‘Student Details’ fill in your details. Then under ‘Payment Options’ select ‘Other’ then type in ‘Library Fund Archives – your surname’.

Library Fund Archive Donations



  • Donations of Archival Material - The Fort Street Archive is delighted to accept donations of relevant material such as photographs, original objects or memorabilia that increase the richness of the collection. Please read the school’s Donation Policy and Agreement.
  • Donate to a Project – Many reunion groups giving back to the school in some way. To donate money towards an archival or educational project at the school, please get in contact to view the current list of approved projects
  • Financial Donations - To make a tax deductible financial donation to the archives, please follow the link to online payments. You will need to enter your name and surname in the student details and tick the box marked ‘other’ under payment options. Library Fund Archive Donations

Financial Donations

To make a tax deductible financial donation to the archives please follow the link to online payments.

You will need to select Add Item from the bottom left hand corner.


A pop up box will appear where you can select Fort Street Foundation Library Fund (tax deductible) and tick the box  to the left. Then click on Add Item.



You can then enter the amount you wish to pay and select Pay Now. After your payment is processed you will be emailed a receipt.


Link up with the wider Fort Street community interested in the history of the school and the local area by joining the ‘Lost Fort Street’ Facebook group.

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  • Fort Street Tours App – This app allows virtual heritage tours of the Fort Street school sites. This includes tours of the original 1815 Military Hospital at Observatory Hill before it became Fort Street Model School in 1849 (then Fort Street Girls High School). It also includes tours of the current Fort Street High School (previously Fort Street Boys High School) at Petersham, tours of the Ron Horan Museum and the collection of Honour Boards. You can download the award-winning Fort Street Tours app at either the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • View a list of Distinguished Fortians here:
    FSHS Distinguished Fortians List
    (Updated November 2022)
  • View a list of Fortians who have been awarded Australian Honours here:
    Fort Street Australian Honours
    (Updated March 2023)
  • View a list of Fortian authors here:
    Fortian Authors List
    (Updated Jan 2021)


Volunteers are welcomed and can undertake a variety of projects under the guidance of the Archivist. The collection comprises manuscripts, paper records, maps, plans, photographs, drawings, paintings, movies, audio and textiles. Conservation is ongoing and volunteers are encouraged to apply for a variety of limited and ongoing projects. 


Further information about privacy legislation and its application to the NSW Department of Education is detailed in the Department’s Privacy Management Plan.

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