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Fort Street High School community has voted overwhelmingly in support of the wearing of a school uniform.

It is the responsibility of every parent who chooses Fort Street High School to work with the agreed parameters of the school to ensure students are easily recognised as Fortians by wearing school uniform. Students should wear the correct uniform each day and bring sports or drama clothing in their bags.

If your child has a genuine reason for not wearing the correct school uniform, please send her/him to school with a dated, handwritten explanation. This note should be presented to the Deputy Principal before school on that day.

Uniform shop

Fort Street High Schools Uniform Shop is operated by the P&C. The Uniform Shop is open Wednesday mornings during Term from 9:30-2 pm. The uniform shop is now cashless.

Students may visit the Uniform Shop during recess and lunch time to purchase items, return or exchange items and pick up online orders. 

All parents/carers are welcome to visit the Uniform Shop during opening hours, please sign in & scan QR code at the front office.

All uniform items can be ordered online at Items purchased online must be picked up by students from the Uniform Shop during shop hours. Uniforms can also be ordered and paid for over the phone during opening hours and collected by the student.

If you have any questions about sizing or stock availability, please email and our very experienced Uniform Shop manager Gladys will be able to assist. 

Price list
(Updated December 2023)


Option 1 - designed for female body shape Price
Short Sleeve Shirt (white) $33
Long Sleeve Shirt (white) $36
Skirt (navy blue) $55
Shorts (navy blue) $42
Trousers (navy blue) $65
Tights (black non-run) $8.50

Option 2 - designed for male body shape Price
Short Sleeve Shirt (white) $33
Long Sleeve Shirt (white) $36
Shorts (dark grey) Boys sizes 8-16 $42
Shorts (dark grey) Mens sizes S-XXL $42
Trousers (dark grey) Boys sizes 10-18 $65
Trousers (dark grey) Mens sizes 72cm – 112cm $65

Sports uniform Price
PE shirt (white with trim) $42
PE Speed shorts (maroon) $37
PE Dawn shorts (maroon) $47
Track pant (navy blue) $65
PE Cap $18

General items Price
Soft Shell Winter Jacket $94
Cotton Jumper (V neck, maroon) sizes 10 - 24 $63
Woollen Jumper (V neck, maroon) Sizes 10-28 $85
Vest (V neck, maroon) Sizes 16-28 $59
Junior Tie (maroon and white stripe) Years 7-10 $26
Senior Tie (maroon) Years 11 and 12 and IMP ensembles $26
Blazer (maroon) $195
Airopak backpack $72
Backpack – chiropractic $97
Duffle bag $17
Scarf $36
Face Mask $8
IMP Shirt (black) $37

The school tie is to be worn as part of school uniform every day for the winter months i.e. Term 2 and 3. 

Any item found to be unsuitable may be exchanged within 2 weeks of sale provided it has not been worn, and labels are still attached. Please return to the Uniform shop. Your receipt must be shown at the time of exchange.

Guide to Purchasing Uniforms for New Students (updated January 2021)

Second hand uniform stall

The second hand uniform stall is run by P&C parent and SRC student volunteers with the  assistance of the Uniform Shop manager and the school. It operates once per term at lunchtime in front of the new Uniform Shop. Dates are advised by email, in Mercurius and on FSHS P&C Facebook at the beginning of each term. Students may attend and parents/carers may also attend subject to any Covid restrictions advised in advance of each stall.  

CONDITIONS OF SALE: These items are second hand. Condition as found.  NO EXCHANGE OR REFUNDS ARE AVAILABLE.

CASHLESS SALES ONLY: Please pay in the Uniform Shop during the stall. Alternatively, If you do not have a card or cheque on the day of purchase, you may leave the bag in the Uniform Shop and pay over the phone when the Uniform Shop is open: ph 9569 4355 (9.30am - 2:00pm Wednesdays during Term). The bag can then be picked up during Uniform Shop hours. Any bags not paid for by end of the term in which the purchase was made will be returned to second hand uniform stocks. 

WHEN TO  BUY: Second hand  uniforms can only be purchased at the second hand stall once per term. Second hand uniform purchases are not available at other times. The Uniform Shop does not sell second hand uniforms during normal shop hours or online and is unable to answer queries about what second hand items may be in stock. No items may be reserved. 

DONATE:  Clean second hand uniform donations are welcomed and may be taken to the school front office. 

PLEASE NOTE: The stall does not have all uniform items or all sizes as stock is dependant on donations. We recommend that you purchase the basic requirements from the uniform shop and purchase spare & any additional items from the 2nd hand stall.

All proceeds go to P&C and SRC initiatives. Thank you! 

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